Passages Dedication

Passages is dedicated to the 2 Christines:

Christine C, who begged me for a new CD just at the moment last year when I was unhappily wondering if I’d ever release music again. It was a low moment, I’ll just put it that way. And then Christine came & sat with me & was so encouraging and loving. I create this music because … I must. I am always surprised when my music has significance for someone else. I know y’all like it when I play for you, & I know y’all like it when you buy CDs/buy tracks/stream tracks. I understand that is has become part of your life too, and I am hugely grateful for that. But then I forget, and it really doesn’t cross my mind (usually) that maybe you’d like to hear more! So thank you, Christine: I will always be grateful for your friendship & your love & your love of my music. Like a Flower is for you especially!


Christine T, who a few days later asked about my current music project & listened to the music I already had at that point. It’s almost too personal to reveal what she said, so I won’t right this moment; I need to think it over more. What I will say is this: at that time, Christine T was nearing the end of her life and she knew it. She heard what I had to say about my music, and listened to what my music had to say to her, and felt that this new CD mirrored her own journey toward acceptance of & triumph over the wasting disease that was claiming her life. She believed in the music so much that she bought copies of the CD in advance, for those who had been her helpers in the last months of her life. Even though she knew she’d never hear all the music herself! (At least, not from this side of the veil.) Christine: I miss you so much! I will remember your amazing example of courage and integrity to the end of my days. We were duet partners on occasion, and I enjoyed that tremendously, in case you didn’t notice! So, These Hands Held Music is your elegy and also a celebration of our duets.

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