Title Tracks, or not

As it turns out, all my CDs so far have title tracks. I did not intend one for my first CD, A Handfull of Quietness. I believed I had created all the music necessary for what I thought of as primarily a concert experience, and I was perfectly content to have that experience end with Simple Love, my medley of The Riddle Song and A Gift to Be Simple. Ten days before I was to go into the studio, I practiced all the music straight through, and at the end of it, for the first time, I felt a need to hear just one something more; a handfull of quietness, in fact. That music came to me very easily, more indication that it was needed. I performed it with the entire set a week later, and recorded it 3 more days after that.

The Rebirth of Light was one of the first pieces I had for that CD.

Under the Greenwood Tree was similarly nearly first, and I pretty much created everything else to go with it.

Drivin’! was totally first for that CD, and I absolutely created everything else to go with it!

Passages, though, has been like A Handfull of Quietness: to me that title belongs to the set, not to a piece.

Still, when I completed setting down all the tracks in February (and happily before the piano went out of tune), it just seemed that a little more something was required. Something to tie everything together. I can’t say that I improvised the piece Passages; its creation was on the deliberate side for me. I took a motive that opens three of the other pieces and explored it until it became an opening & closing section. And then I placed in the middle some music I had really wanted on this album, but it’s a song I wrote years ago and when I play it on the piano it stubbornly remains a playing of the song. So Passages was built from a motive and a song. That sounds rather bloodless, and it felt rather bloodless too.


it turned into something so sweet. I love love love playing it. I’m so glad the CD required a little something more, because now I have this beautiful, not at all bloodless, music to play. I can’t wait for you to hear it!


PS: by the way, my next CD, Meditations of My Heart, already has its title track. So I’ll be at least 6 for 6 in creating title tracks. The “or not” is really not happening on my CDs!

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