There’s a first for everything

First (only) time in digital and now available everywhere:

Invocation cover

The final single that I plan to release from my very earliest recording, Invocation is actually my first true piano solo. It grew from an improvisation I created for the dance class I was accompanying way back in pre-history. The dancers’ movements were to challenge their balance, so I improvised music to challenge my balance.

Nearly a decade later I thought, “That was cool music, I wonder if I can do something with it?” 

Invocation is the result. It is theme and variations, matching the phrases of the movement, and it becomes more challenging to play on every variation. 

Invocation is just tricky enough that I haven’t performed it in years. Please don’t request it! But I do love how it sounds, so when it’s available, do take a listen.

PS: I am practicing it now, mostly so that I can notate it, but it’s possible I will program it in the future. Possible, even if not probable!

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