Life According to Piano

A winter’s song

I create music basically because... I create music. There is not any particular “why” to it; it is simply my nature to be making up music.

And also I have a thousand reasons to create music, cheering me on in those rare times when I feel that I have lost my voice.

Here is a beautiful expression of one of the best reasons I have to create music.

winter stars snow

To be allowed in, to be welcomed, to touch someone’s heart — what a privilege and honor, and what a rare gift to be told of it.

Thank you, Jason, and thank you, Manitou Winds, for breathing new life into my music.

If you, dear reader, are in Michigan, maybe your week can include an upcoming Manitou Winds performance: Traverse City, Saturday 12/2, 7:30 pm; or Glen Arbor, Friday 12/8, 7:30 pm. More details at the link above.

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