Life According to Piano

In which I learn things about my music

Things I didn’t know; or thought I knew, & there I was being wrong!

The first thing I’ve learned this week, as we have been mastering Drivin!, is that I like my piano playing much better if I take a month between recording and mastering.

The wait was unintentional. Or forced by circumstances, more accurately. Lee was tuning for me daily when I recorded, as a trade for my doing the layout for his CD A View from Above. (I cannot recommend that CD too highly; in fact, David Nevue selected it as the Whisperings CD of the Year for 2010. Actually, I can say this: I listen to Lee’s CDs when I want to hear lovely piano music. I can hear my music in my head! So when I want to hear with my ears, I put on Lee.)

Back to the real story: Lee was tuning for me daily, and the only time this fall that we could coordinate our schedules was the beginning of October. I already had the rest of October scheduled with other events, which meant that we would not be mastering right away. I decided to go ahead and record, since passing up the first week of October meant waiting until 2012. And the time is now!

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