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Louis Landon & I were talking yesterday morning about various music biz s-t-u-f-f & he mentioned an idea that Joe Bongiorno had: to publish sheet music collections not only by the CD, but also by “easy pieces”, or I guess “intermediate pieces” or “hard pieces” too.

I loved that idea so much (thanks, Joe & Louis!) that I immediately proclaimed I would put out a book of Five Easy Pieces, and do it that very day.

So, yesterday afternoon there I was choosing the music for my Five Easy Pieces, when I discovered that … I don’t have five easy pieces.

I have three.

Undaunted, I decided to just create two more, since I’m rather attached to the idea of five.

So, yesterday evening I sat down at the piano while my better half was preparing supper. I had a little motive already, that I had thought of for a teaching piece a few years ago. I started with the beginning of that motive, and it went a different direction than I anticipated, et voila: a new easy piece.

Easy for me to create, and easy for pianists to play.

A gift to pass on

In 2008 it was my privilege to perform for students, families, & faculty of The People’s Music School in Chicago. It was a further treat to be able to visit school founder Rita Simó and her husband at their Chicago condo. A lovely tribute to Rita has been published online here. Music is a Gift: Pass It On is her new book, part of a fund-raising effort for the school. As she is a wonderful musician & her life includes being a concert artist, a nun, and a visionary, I’m guessing it will be a great read!

Rita Simo

Rita Simó

(Thank you, Christine, for introducing me to Rita & arranging my performance; and for sending me this link today!)

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