Life According to Piano

In which I get others to perform my music UPDATED

Keith has been performing a number of the Verbs from Book 2 recently (and is programming the entire book for his concerts next year). Now there exists the second YouTube video of my music, and I haven’t had to play either piece! We could call it laziness, or we could call it efficiency. You can choose. But I am thrilled that Keith’s amazing performance of (selected) Verbs is now available to the cosmos, as well as on this page here & now:

The Verbs performed here are Bloom, Beckon, Tangle, Snap, Shatter, Reflect, Release, and Bless.

This was just a part of Keith’s beautiful concert at Church of Beethoven on October 9. He also played the Bach Chaconne, as arranged by Brahms for piano left hand.

And poet Hakim Bellamy performed the poetry he created in response to my Verbs!

Some days I marvel at how very spoiled the universe is allowing me to become.

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