Life According to Piano

Coming around on the guitar again

I have in my hands* (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) the notes for Missy Kara Surveys the Pasture, Lays Claim.   

Several edit passes will be needed, especially to figure out that measure I have never been able to count. In fact, I’m always thrilled to discover that I can play that measure; counting is not even on my radar. Still, I play it the very same way every time; therefore, counting is theoretically possible. And hey: I’m good at music theory. So theoretically I can correct the notation of that measure & thus find out what I’ve been playing all these eons.

I now know that I play exactly 20 & 1/2 measures of the crazy-octaves-in-16th-notes boogie bass. Not that I’ll be counting the measures while I play it; playing it is a sufficient achievement. 

I now know that, big & brassy as the piece is, it’s actually very efficient: a mere 82 measures total. (Well, I could write it in 6/8 instead of 12/8, and then there’d be bunches more measures. … Nah, 82 is enough, especially since 20 — and 1/2 — of them feature the crazy boogie bass.)

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