Life According to Piano

Manic much?

Today I have had preludes from Verbs rattling around in my head. Normally this would be something I’d enjoy; maybe not so much today. You’ll see why.

This morning it was Push, pushing at me even during church. That was an interesting experience. Then it segued into Bounce; I guess whatever I was struggling with while Push was playing got resolved and I was pretty pleased about it. Now Insist has taken over.

I wouldn’t say these pieces are manic in themselves, but for a playlist that has filled my ears all day, manic doesn’t seem like an overstatement. I’d really love to listen to Forgive or Bloom for a few spins. I’ll put on the CD, just to make sure I can. ... Ah yes, that’s much better (Keith plays Forgive so beautifully and it’s just the antidote to Push & Insist).

This reminds me of walking around town with a Walkman on, listening to music, way back in pre-history. I didn’t do that very many times; it was too disconcerting to be leading my life with a soundtrack, especially since I usually have a soundtrack playing in my head anyway. The first 5 minutes with the Walkman were very cool — I’m in the movies! — and then it was just weird. So I quit doing that.

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