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Greenwood Tree part 1: Exposition

My new CD, Under the Greenwood Tree, is available (at last!) at CDBaby.


We all need a little peace in our lives, and we all need music that serves as a doorway to more silence. That’s why for this recording I created music that expresses the theme of shelter and comforting. Under the Greenwood Tree is my most gentle and lyrical CD so far, the first one that doesn’t have a single piece that becomes rambunctious or dramatic.

Don’t get me wrong — lively rambunctious music is a good thing, and dramatic music is another good thing, and I like them both and I’ll have both for you next time around! But right now, what I think we all need is more peace, more stillness, more comfort. In a word: shelter.

And that is what my new CD is about: Under the Greenwood Tree — songs of home and shelter.

12 piano solos — originals and plus my arrangements (including lullabies and Broadway!)

Now available at for just $15.

I hope you’ll buy it, and I hope you have the experience that one listener had when she bought a copy last week:  “Finally I was able to relax and just listen and let the music fill me up.”

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