Life According to Piano

Angels among us

I have in my hands (well, until I started typing, I had in my hands) the first draft of the sheet music of Complete with Angels, from the CD Drivin’!

This is a HUGE success, almost on the order of the success of notating What the Stars Saw on the Prairie with its “3-hand” section. I am extremely pleased right now.

Not because it was particularly difficult to notate. It wasn’t: rondo form, with repetition galore*, the trickiest part was remembering where I was in the piece, so I knew which version of cadence was coming round the bend. This first draft probably only took a couple of hours to get down.

Complete with Angels is one of my older pieces; it was actually composed before I released A Handfull of Quietness, but it wasn’t recorded until 2011 because it didn’t belong on any of the other CDs. Complete with Angels has always, in my ear, segued straight into Drivin’!, so like that other piece, it had to wait for additional lively-esque pieces to make a CD. That took a while!

During that while, I … forgot that Complete with Angels even existed. And then I forgot how it sounded. And I didn’t notate any of my work in those days, I just relied on my (mostly) great memory for music.

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