Life According to Piano

Success sounds like...


  1. a high Bb major chord.
  2. inner voices that are particular and (even better) correctly notated.
  3. books in hand.
  4. all of the above.

Yes, indeed, I have the Under the Greenwood Tree books in hand. With a high Bb major chord (that I missed on my earlier pass through How Hope Became Love) and correctly notated inner voices (that I missed in my earlier pass through Never, Never in These Mountains). (I have corrected the pdf singles of those pieces and the ebook for Greenwood Tree. There’s the fabulous thing about having my own store: I can change the files quite easily, any time I like.)

Here is the new addition to the Kathleenie library:


And here is the complete Kathleenie library as of today:


Only eight pieces from Drivin’! still need notating; although, of course, they are all biggish and complex pieces, so… oh well. I’ll get them down on paper before the end of this year. 

There are a few newer &/or unrecorded pieces still lying around waiting for my attention. I had forgotten the music of one of those but happily, since remembering the piece existed last month, I have managed to get it all back. (That is: my tactile memory and my aural memory agree that I am playing it correctly; and that truly was in doubt, as when I first remembered that I had a piece by that title, nothing came but the first 3 chords; and only once in my life have I written a piece with only 3 chords and that was on A Handfull of Quietness and is already both recorded and notated! So I have proof that my memory, at least for music, is still strong. If I forget your name, maybe you could change it to a melody to help me out.) (And now everyone I know will be going by Amelody.) (Never mind; feeling a tad giddy over here.)

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