Life According to Piano

Summer/winter sale

First, an Oopsies

CDBaby & I got our signals crossed, and now two of my CDs are overstocked there. Oops!

That means: sale time. I’ve dropped the prices of those two way down to the basement, $6.50 a CD, in fact. Even with CDBaby’s $2 shipping fee, that means you can own my high-stepping music Drivin’!  (summer sounds!) or my Christmas CD The Rebirth of Light (winter sounds!) for less than the cost of downloading the albums.

NOTE: I'm not overstocked by a lot, so if you want these CDs at such a deal, act very soon!  Clicking on a CD cover below will take you to CDBaby for the sale. (The super low price only applies at CDBaby, not in my own store.)

Drivin cover

RebirthofLight cover border

And now, a secret revealed

I am actively putting together the music — you know, what they call composing — for my new CD Passages. And also for my new CD Meditations of My Heart. I’ll have much more to write about both of these albums soon, but I thought you’d giggle over the fact that, having not released any music for a while, now I have two projects going.  I expect Passages to be out this fall, and Meditations of My Heart in February or March.

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