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Rough Cuts #3

I did promise these on a regular basis!

This is Through the Gossamer Doorway, which I composed rather a long time ago, that I keep forgetting about when I record CDs.

When I was originally planning the CD Under the Greenwood Tree, Through the Gossamer Doorway was on the list to be included. But a few years escaped me, while we were moving, building a house, getting settled, equipping the recording studio, and re-recording The Rebirth of Light.

For some reason, during those years, I wasn’t playing Gossamer Doorway, and when I finally sat down to record Greenwood Tree, I forgot all about it. It deserves better than that from me. (I now have it slated for inclusion on my next CD, with the spiritual songs I’ve been arranging. No more neglect!!!)

Through the Gossamer Doorway is somewhat elegiac. I have only performed it twice, the first time being at the memorial service when one of my best friends died suddenly. (The choice of music I played that day is its own wild story, which maybe I’ll share soon.) The second time was this past April in Sedona, because I had just remembered it a week before the concert & … I like it! The audience in Sedona at Louis Landon’s liked it too. I’ll be performing it regularly now.

A notating fool!

Hi universe! You’re still there! — how cool is that?

I have been notating music like a fool, and I have finally completed all the music in Under the Greenwood Tree and made it for sale as individual pdfs and as an ebook of the entire collection. I even got a license for my arrangement of Loverly!

Now I’m smashing my head on Lulu trying to figure out why the margins that have always worked do not work. Because changing margins on 12 pieces (which will most likely require me to change page layout on 3 or 4 of those pieces) is really tiresome, and smashing my head against Lulu isn’t. Or something.


Editing the Under the Greenwood Tree book today. Overheard in the studio:

Pianist/Composer: “These are big pieces. Why do I always forget that these are big pieces?”

Roadie/Techie/Groupie: “Because they’re your babies!”

(yes, that would explain it)

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