Life According to Piano

Powerful or manipulative?

Alan (aka R-T-G) and I were having lunch in a chain restaurant Monday, and the music service there was playing country music. Which in general is just fine with me: country music is full of tight songwriting, catchy hooks, and decent singing.

But this particular music was very annoying, so I started listening to it more carefully after a few minutes, which led to an interesting discovery:

For a full 25 minutes — 6 songs in a row — every single piece was a very up-tempo and busy “soaring” anthem. Whoever these singers were, they were reaching the peaks, one after another: “here’s my peak experience;” “no, here’s my peak experience;” “no, listen to my peak experience.”

It was so annoying.

This was obviously the fault of the DJ who created the playlist, placing these songs one after another. Each song sounded quite sincere, the singers were doing an excellent job of performing them. Production values were good. The tunes were catchy enough.

But there was nothing there except, “I was down and now I’m reaching for the stars and I’m a-gonna make it and you can too.” A worthwhile message which loses its power when delivered nearly identically, and loudly, for half an hour.

Continuing music!

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