Life According to Piano

What to do, what to do?

I need some advice. Those of you who have known my music or me for a while probably also know that I released my first recording way back in the pre–historic, tape–bound era. (I was, like, 3 years old... oops, why is my nose getting so long?!) The cassette was called Topaz, and I sold the first run and about half of a second run, and then moved over to CD when I recorded A Handfull of Quietness.

So here’s the thing. Although I have a few copies of the cassettes left, I don’t ever plan to sell them again. And I have been including some pieces from Topaz on my more recent recordings, as they belong with other newer music.

There are, however, a few that most likely will never make it onto another CD project, at least not any of my CDs! (You are, of course, free to record them yourself; let me know & I’ll set up the royalty payment with you!)

I could release Topaz as a CD through AudioLife, and all the Topaz music would be in one place, just like old times. I would still be using a few of the Topaz pieces on Drivin! and most likely on another project I’m starting to dream up (because I really cannot finish one project until I have three more dancing around in my mind).

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