Life According to Piano

Another story about you-know-what

That is: practicing Forgive.

[Well, in this case I’m actually just planning my practice.]

So there I was, enjoying one of my favorite rituals—tea on the porch; perfect weather for it, too, by the way—and considering my piano practice for today.

I had the thought: “I really should practice the left hand part of Forgive.” And then I almost spilled my tea, laughing.

Because, of course, Forgive is all left hand, all the time.

How I arrived at this absurdity:
Usually, on the piano, our melody is in the right hand, and possibly only in the upper notes of the right hand part. Not always, of course, but usually.

So practicing the left hand alone generally means practicing the accompanying parts. So “practicing the left hand” has become verbal shorthand for “practicing the accompanying parts.” And yes, I think it might be a good idea to practice the accompanying voices in Forgive, without the melody above. (Well, in some cases the melody note still has to be played, because it’s also…. you know what? Never mind.)

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