Life According to Piano

Music as a doorway to silence

Whatever could that mean?

Getting the obvious out of the way: not “complete lack of sound”, since there’s music, which in my world at least is sound.

Most of the time we are subjected to sounds, some of which are musical and most of which are not. Sometimes we choose sounds to listen to, but most of the time sound is just pouring in upon us; and even when we choose sounds to listen to, other sounds are still pouring in upon us. Even when we are asleep, sounds pour in, and to some extent we are monitoring those sounds, that is: listening to them.

It’s a noisy life!

It’s also a busy life. Face it: how much time do you spend just being? Isn’t there always another thing to do? When you sit quietly, isn’t there often a voice quietly or not-so-quietly calling you back to action? Busy busy busy, do do do, go go go: where exactly is the stillness, the center, the quietness?

We’re all familiar with music that just adds to the noise, and no, I’m not planning to name any genres here! Sometimes I like really noisy boisterous active pounding on my body music. It can come in all sorts of genres, and when that’s what I want, that’s the only music that will satisfy. 

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