Life According to Piano

The song with no middle (or, some pieces are just like that)

Some number of eons ago, my friend Phyllis (who was a wonderful songwriter back when she was writing songs) wrote a wonderful song (see? I told you so) the chorus of which I was totally, and I do mean totally, in love with.

I do not remember the song’s title or even any of the words, but there was something about the moon in there, so I always called it the moon song.

I was so in love with the moon song that I borrowed — oh, okay: stole — the chord changes from her chorus and started making up my own piano piece from them. And what a cool cool piano piece it was.


The music sort of got stuck, and then it sort of went crazy. Or maybe it was me that got stuck and then went crazy. Phyllis’s beautiful chords morphed into this interesting new section that repeated several times while adding complexity & richness (oh, and difficulty; can’t forget how it became more & more difficult to play). And then it all blew up, into one of my favorite sections of music that I have ever created and that is darn close to impossible to play on the piano. Really, it’s a fiddle part. And then that subsided into a very pianistic but still close to insane section with the right & left hands battling each other for who is in front. And then I just made all the insanity stop by playing Phyllis’s chords again, and that was the end of the piece.

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