Life According to Piano

Who am I, really?

When my husband & I moved to New Mexico nine years ago, my intention was to focus more on composing. (Well, the complete goal was: put out the backlog of my solo pieces—which I have done—and then focus on composing.)

In February 2006, my friend and colleague Keith Porter-Snell offered me a wonderful compositional project.

Write a set of left hand preludes for me, one in each key, he said.

I can probably do that! I replied.

Thus, Verbs: 24 Preludes for Piano Left Hand.

From the first verb I composed in 2006—Begin, of course—to the additions I made to Push just a few weeks before Keith recorded the set in 2013, composing Verbs has inspired and challenged me in equal parts.

For a while in 2008 I even developed a case of writer’s block, possibly the first one in my life. I had a commission from PMTNM & the MTNA for the second 12 preludes, and I didn’t believe I’d ever think of another note.

That was not a happy month.

Bless and Tangle pulled me out of that swamp, which is at least part of the reason I love those two pieces so much.

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