Life According to Piano

In which I become a guest blogger

If you have read my blog at all, you may have noticed a couple of things. One is that I generally write about music and the creative process, and not about the business or technical side of what I do. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about business and technical issues; I just don’t usually feel expert enough to write about them.

You may also have heard of the person I like to call “my famous friend Phyllis,” the one who tells me what to do. Here’s how we looked back in the day:


That’s Phyllis at the keyboard, and yes, we glammed up for the photo, just a touch.

Now, Phyllis lives for the technology stuff — she is a self-described “geeky girl.” She is also an excellent songwriter and a fantastic teacher of anything. For many years she taught music and songwriting. Now, she teaches those of us who really would rather just play piano all about social networking and utilizing all those geeky technology tools to move our art forward and into the world.

Last week I came across a website service (Audiolife) that I thought would solve a particular issue for Phyllis: how to keep her (quite excellent, by the way) children’s music CD “in print” without having to have another gadzillion of them replicated. I emailed her about it; she emailed back, of course, with another website (Bandcamp) for me to look at. She asked me to write up what I thought of the two in comparison. I did. She has given me guest blogger status and posted my comments on her website, and I hope very much that you will go read them there and then explore her site some more.

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