Life According to Piano

Boring medical update

I realize I sort of dropped the ball on this: I tell you I might have a broken wrist, then fall silent on the topic! Sorry.

My right wrist is completely healed from the break (that was true by late January, in fact) and nearly completely healed from the accompanying sprain. As far as playing goes, “I’m baaaackkkkk!!” There are a very few “activities of living“ that my right hand still is not comfortable with, especially ones that involve gripping something biggish & heavy; joint at base of thumb really complains about that and I now have a habit of reaching for items left-handed.

Oddly, although my left hand improved at many “activities of living” while my RH was healing — eating, toothbrushing, pouring liquids — it never never never learned how to whisk! I still try whisking our morning eggs with my left hand every few days; I thought, mistakenly as it turns out, that having my RH to demonstrate whisking, my LH might improve. Hah! Next lifetime, I guess.

(And who knew I was so amazingly one-sided, everywhere but at the piano?!)

How I feel about music

IMG 20170306 0008

I’m the smaller one on the right, and I still feel this way about music.

Very much so, in fact!

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