Life According to Piano

Verbs as Music

What is the sound of shatter? Broken glass or broken dreams?

Having waited, begun, played, and closed, how do we begin again? Do we beckon or do we bloom?

Why does push make the composer and pianist push at each other?

Why does the composer insist that the music stays the difficult way to play, rather than making the one simple change to the main motive that would have it fit the pianist’s hand so much better!!!???

The answers to these questions are found, I believe, in the music I wrote for Keith Porter-Snell. Possibly I’m deluded, of course, but still I believe that the answers can be heard in the music itself.

At least, I heard the answers for me in the music itself, as I was composing it.

And within the week, Keith’s magnificent recording of my music will be available in CD, with downloads available very soon thereafter. Which means: if you like piano music and you like unusual music and you like collaborative music (because I would never have considered this project if Keith hadn’t requested it!) — then you might very much like Verbs: 24 Preludes for Piano Left Hand.

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