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Friendship, tea, mountains, trains — biography of a song #1

Where do I get my ideas for music pieces? I have been asked that by someone every time I’ve performed. I have the answers I have, and none of them seem very useful. And I like answers to be useful!

The answer that would cover most instances — “everywhere!” — probably makes no sense to most people. So I am going to write a series of “song biographies,” so you can see for yourself that “everywhere!” is true, if not enlightening.

This first song biography will be a rambling & convoluted journey, just like creating that solo was.

For my birthday, a year after we were married (so: last millennium (I love writing that!)), my husband gave me a mug for my morning tea. I love everything about this mug — the size, the shape, especially the colors — but what I love most is that it combines the bright colors I love with a picture of a marmalade cat. I had a wonderful marmalade cat at that time (have another one now, in fact), who was named Marma, of course. So the mug has always been my Marma mug, and no one else gets to use it.

Verbs Preludes

I had myself some fun this morning creating a Facebook page for Verbs. I’ll be posting the history of Verbs, & all the adventures Keith & I get into when he is recording them in May, and the definitions of the Verbs, and all sorts of yummy stuff, there on the Verbs page.

And you can find it at

Pretty straightforward, eh?!

I hope you’ll visit us there, soon.

Now appearing on YouTube

The creator of this video, Salvatore Raciti, kindly wrote for permission to use my music A Handfull of Quietness. Of course I gave it. Watch the video & see why!

(I think this goes in the category of inspiring others to do my work: I have a music video & I didn’t need to do a thing at all!)

PS: Thank you, Salvy.

PPS: Link to video at YouTube (since I don’t see the link icon above).

Four years & one question

When we moved into our California house, many years ago, our bedroom had new French doors opening to the patio. There was part of the label stuck on the glass of one of the doors. I was not able to remove the label, and after a couple of attempts I gave up. The label was on the outside of the glass, so it sat out there in the weather, now dripping, now baking. My extremely occasional attempts to get it off became increasingly half-hearted.

Then we were moving here and putting up that house for sale. I was willing to live with a tattered label stuck to the glass of the French doors, but I wasn’t willing to show the house that way. (Let’s discuss that psychology some other time, okay?!) I finally realized that I had a question: what will it take to get the glue unstuck from the window?

I forget where the answer came from, but it came in time: oil will loosen the glue. I went out with some vegetable oil & paper towels, and amazed myself by removing the label in about 10 minutes.

I’ve always said that it only took me three and a half years and ten minutes to remove that label, and that’s correct. But the truer story is that it took me three and a half years AND ONE QUESTION and ten minutes to remove it. Asking the question was key to getting the answer and the following success.

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