Life According to Piano

More like music

That’s how my piano playing finally is: more like music.

I didn’t want to mention before that when I wrote, “My left hand played piano today,” what that most likely meant was that I sat at my Steinway and played maybe 10 notes. I could make the keys sound, but the discomfort in the joints at the base of my fingers was too much to do more than play each finger twice. That is what counted for playing piano 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Playing 2 notes at a time was barely possible, but I would try that out daily anyway. I could get a fifth to sound, and a sixth, almost immediately. The day I touched an octave (felt too weak and vulnerable to try to press the keys) I was so pleased, because I had been very worried about getting my reach back.

Then several days later I could actually play that octave. It still hurt, about the way playing a single note hurt.

Then I decided that many visits to the piano each day, to play my 10 therapy notes each time, would be better than trying to play 20 notes in one sitting.

Adventures I never sought

In January I broke my left wrist, blah blah blah. Here’s how it’s going. If this is going to bore you, I recommend you not read it!

It is an adventure. That is, healing, and visiting the whole medical-surgical-rehabilitation corner of the universe, are adventures. Maybe it’s just the only consolation I’ve had; but my curiosity has come to my aid and kept me interested and fairly cheery, even while I very much wish I did not need to visit this corner of the universe.

I am so grateful for the love and support shown to me and my “little broken wrist” (as one friend put it), especially early on, when I was in pain and also not particularly handy. The day of the fall and the next day, when I learned just how serious the break was, I was dangerously close to panic. I could feel fear wanting to take over, move into my mind and never leave. The knowledge that so many people cared about me & my music, were praying for me and cheering me on — that alone propped me up, more than once.

Daily life was quite a chore from when I broke my wrist in mid-January until mid-February, 3 weeks after surgery. Certain daily tasks like dressing have only gotten fairly doable in about the last week. I hope I am not breaking any more bones ever; that said, the ankle break last year was easier to cope with (except for showering, which was quite a challenge with a broken ankle).

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