Life According to Piano


Oh how I have been wanting to be able to post that we have finally finally finally recorded Under the Greenwood Tree!

We set out last month to do so, and somehow everything we learned about finding the sound, back when we were producing The Rebirth of Light, is gone from our consciousness.

My wonderful roadie–techie–groupie “strove manfully”, to no avail.

Since then, Joe Bongiorno has been here for a Whisperings house concert (with me & Lee Bartley), and he very generously spent a couple of hours in the studio with roadie–techie–groupie finding the sound again. And they did. But apparently we are under–supplied in technical equipment, so there has been more shopping involved. Now we are awaiting arrival of our new gear.

Bah! For 5 years now I have lived with the delusion that I’m ready to record Under the Greenwood Tree, and apparently that is still not true. There is music on this CD that is so beautiful. How can it be that it hasn’t already been recorded and released?

On the other hand, the new rumor is that I’ll be ready very soon. When the delivery gods smile upon our endeavors, to be precise.

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