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Unsolicited Advice!

My friend Brian has been practicing consciously and blogging about it. And a particular trill in Bach’s e minor Invention has been giving him fits. I couldn’t help myself (well, I didn’t try very hard!) and left him a very piano-teacher-y comment at his blog. I wrote so much there, I’ve decided to post it here too. Thus:

Left hand alone is not a trick, it’s basic. “Your piano playing is as good as your worst hand.” My students get tired of hearing that, I’m sure.

Do you trill in triplets? That helps with the “rolling motion.” Also, do you change fingers in the trill, so that it becomes something your hand does instead of a couple of fingers?

Do you learn the entire piece hands separately, so that each hand can play its part quite musically? With what you wrote in an earlier post about your LH, and seeing that you are learning Bach Inventions, you might consider learning each new invention with the left hand alone, until it sounds like beautiful music; and only then learning and adding the RH part. You’ll be astonished how beautiful LH alone can sound once you give it the chance.

Enlisting others to play for me

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Because I can! Besides, I wrote a lot of the music; what, I have to play it too?

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