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Forgotten customs: we sang

I remembered something this evening that I’m not sure I ever noticed consciously before.

Here’s the pathway to the memory, which is the only way it will make any sense at all:

Keith and I have been discussing Verbs Book 2, gearing up for its publication and some performances of it that he will be doing later on this year. As we did with Book 1, we might be revising several of the pieces so they more perfectly realize the music. I suppose you could call it editing! I might end up re-writing some individual Verbs, to make them fit the left hand better, or to flesh out parts that maybe I slighted on the first pass, or just to correct errors I made. Lowering as it is to admit it, I make errors writing my own music. Alas.

Anyway, to get going, today I was playing through several of the Verbs from Book 2. The very first one is Beckon. I don’t think I ever even told Keith this, but the first motive in the melody is based on a fairly universal pattern of notes. Many children’s songs use it too. In 1=do, 2=re notation, and using the dash to fill out the rhythm, it is: 5 - 3 6 5 - 3 -. 

Music I love

It’s possible that no one else will ever love Meanwhile on Foot the way I do. It has no melody. It starts and ends on the “wrong” chord, an inversion of the tonic instead of root position. It doesn’t really do much at all. It’s in the simplest A-B-A form imaginable. It has a weird number of measures — sounds very “square” but isn’t. But it does have cool chords! Extremely cool chords! And I love it, in all of its minimalistic unprepossessing glory.

I’m fairly convinced, though, that it is going to be my wallflower child. If, after Drivin! comes out, even one person ever tells me they just love Meanwhile on Foot, I will be out of my mind with joy.

And no, that’s not a hint! It’s not even a request. 

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