Life According to Piano

Creative Procrastination

You already know that I am a dreadful procrastinator, right?

And we all know that procrastination generally beats the life out of creativity. Alas.

Today, I finally learned how to make my procrastinating work for me. At last.

Today, I am putting off doing some financial chores. I will probably be able to do them in just a couple of hours, but I’ve already done them incorrectly while taking more time than that, a couple of times; so I’m dreading opening up those files and trying again. Unfortunately, this work isn’t optional. Even more unfortunately, that has yet to motivate me.

So… I created some new music instead: a beautiful short piece for the church choir I accompany, to sing during a particular point in the Eucharist.

And when I was pleased with it and had sent it off to the choir directors, I realized: it’s also a lovely piano solo. As a piano solo, it will be called The Meditation of My Heart.

Even better, R-T-G thinks that should be the title of my long-promised CD of spiritual songs, which I want to complete this year.

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