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A happy anniversary

One year ago today the wonderful Dr. Matthew Patton of New Mexico Orthopaedics operated on my left wrist to repair the radius bone that was smooshed out of place when I broke it.

I came out of surgery with a titanium plate in my wrist — I’m bionic!

I don’t plan to bore you with all the details I’ve already bored you with so I’ll just say:

Everything I could do before the break, I can do now. All, absolutely every last micro-inch, of my reach is back (& maybe I have just one or two more micro–inches; a stretch in Sweet Home Chicago is a teeny bit more do-able now than it was when I recorded it). (And this is thanks not only to Dr. Patton but also to Olga Sacasa, my fabulous physical therapist; plus, of course, regular piano playing.)

I cannot do a handstand yet; just like I couldn’t do a handstand before I broke my wrist. Apparently becoming bionic doesn’t necessarily confer powers heretofore unpossessed!

This is a happy happy anniversary for me.

Bah and bug-de-hum

Last summer, once my left wrist was feeling quite strong, I took an afternoon and completely reorganized the shelves in my studio. And I do mean completely

Where before I had music shelved by composer in more or less chronological order (right to the point in the late 19th century when I could no longer remember who was born before whom), now in my new snazzy system I have music shelved by composer in alphabetical order. I also made a particular point of keeping all of a single composer’s music together, no matter the instrumentation. So the Schubert songs are right there next to the Schubert solo piano and the Schubert duets. If it’s by Schubert, I know exactly where in the room to go. Ditto for every other composer whose music I have purchased.

Impressive, eh?

So one would imagine that I could immediately locate any given piece of music. And one would of course be wrong.

There’s a Bach cantata, that for many years had sat right next to the book of Bach chorales, which were placed next to my church books, because I frequently would use the chorales as background music during services. That cantata was in the same place on the shelf for 6 & 1/2 years, and each year or so I would take it out and marvel again at “Wachet auf” and then return it to its place.

New Year, New Projects

We made it! Happy New Year!

One of my plans for the New Year is to post a different piece of sheet music for free download each month. If you play, and if you have friends who play, I hope you will take advantage of this & stop by each month to get your new music.

And do tell your friends. All I ask is: please send them here, to, to download their own copy. No one needs to sign up for anything or give me any information — although, of course, anyone who wants to may sign up for my very occasional newsletter to receive notice of when the new selection is posted and of other new music available for purchase. But that part is completely optional.

I just want y’all to come visit me!

There’s another project I have in mind for which I will need some help. If you are interested in helping move some of my music more out into the world (specifically, Under the Greenwood Tree & Drivin’! CDs), then drop me a line here. (Was that sufficiently mysterious?)

And now we return to our regularly scheduled relaxing New Year’s Day!

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