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Water in a Dry Land
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I think of this as a story song. It began with a simple Western waltz that came to me while we were driving into town one day. (I have a way of notating a melody very quickly so that I don’t lose music in such situations.)

Until January 2009, when I sat down to do the first recording of all this music, Water in a Dry Land was still just the little waltz. But while the music expressed all the longing for water that we here in the dry land feel, it didn’t actually have any water in it, and as soon as I started recording I wanted some watery music to be there. So I made up the middle section, which seems to me to be quite watery, and practiced it and thought I was done. Then the next time we recorded it, on listening to the playback, all of a sudden I wanted to hear the dry land! That was the genesis of the opening chords, which repeat after the middle (water) section. I was still refining (that is, re-writing) this music up to the very day I recorded it! I rather like it now.

(An odd aside: Water in a Dry Land was notated before I recorded it — unusual for me — because I needed to see the music to practice it. It was too new to hold in my memory for practicing, and too challenging to record without a fair amount of slow, hands-separate practice. Therefore: )

Advanced: a challenging piece that offers many contrasts of mood and style. Architectural in its structure, with sections depicting the sandstone cliffs of New Mexico, the earth’s longing for water, and the welcome blessing of gentle rains.

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Advanced C minor Under the Greenwood Tree
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