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This is a piece written by my car (my first car, the little red Toyota Tercel that considered itself to be a sports car). Back in the day, when my solo performing career was just getting off the ground, I hit the first composing dry spell of my entire life. As I am certainly not prone to exaggeration or wild mood swings, I naturally knew that never again would I compose another piece of music; and, needless to say, I found that a bit depressing.

While driving home from a gig, through the Iowa vastness, I was brooding over the loss of my fledgling career as a musician, when I noticed that my car’s odometer read 22122. I have always loved symmetric numbers! And I quickly realized that 22122 can be notes of the scale, say D-D-C-D-D. I listened to that, then saw that the odometer had turned over to 22123: D-D-C-D-E. The rest, as they say, is history. Oh, the total stops (rests) near the beginning are stop signs; you’ll find several in every midwestern town you are wishing you could speed through! I should also say (because my first car would like me to): whenever in this piece I was a bit stuck for music, all I had to do was get out on the open road and drive a bit and more music would come. Which is the other reason I say the piece was written by my car.

The music travels through a landscape that is totally unexpected, before having a mellow time in the big city that night. (Again, true to life on the road in my first car.)

Advanced. Must be able to handle syncopation and perform with attitude.

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Advanced C major Drivin'!
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