Drivin’! Credits

First, I dedicate this album to my best friend Sandie, without whom my life would be much less colorful. This was always going to be her favorite CD, anyone who ever met her would know that.

To my friend and colleague Lee Bartley, who supported this recording by tuning my Steinway daily during the sessions, for which he will have my eternal gratitude and free copies (yes, Lee, free copies; don’t argue with me about that!) Also, it was Lee who put his foot down and said we’re recording it this year, 2011; not 2012 or who knows when; for which he’ll have my eternal gratitude in my next life, too.

To my husband Alan, aka roadie-techie-groupie, who once again took on the nerve-wracking job of sound engineer. I am blessed to be able to record at home, and that blessing comes to me by way of my favorite cowboy ever.

To my best friend Phyllis, the Technology Cheerleader & quite a musician in her own right, who reorients me when I start to go off the rails. She says I figure it all out for myself, but I just need to see her face to know whether to change direction. Every artist needs someone who has been absolutely rock-solid in support of their artistic vision, someone whose positivity never wavers. Phyllis has given me that for more decades than either of us wishes to count, and thus I am richly blessed.

To my Mountainair friends, who don’t see any contradiction in my being a classical pianist who loves howling stomping crazy blues — thanks! I needed that!

Finally, to you:
Enjoy the music on those days you want to just break loose & have a good time. Or whenever you want to be reminded of those days. Thanks for listening!

Recorded at Tranquillity Base Studio, Mountainair, New Mexico, October 2011.
Photo of Kathleen by some unknown friend, long long ago, at a concert in Fairfield, Iowa.

All music composed by Kathleen Ryan, except:
Sweet Home Chicago
by Robert Johnson, © MPCA, arranged by Kathleen Ryan
Summertime by George Gershwin, © WB Music Corporation, arranged by Kathleen Ryan

KTM 706
© 2011 Indigo Mesa Music

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