The music that made me #1

This is my version of the Facebook challenge of sharing my 10 most loved recordings.**

What can I say? Most of the recordings that I have loved were actual true records, and were lost in a move several decades ago. Oh well. And unfortunately in most cases I have only vague memories of who the performers were; the music itself was always the attraction for me.

But in thinking it over, I’ve remembered quite a lot about the music I grew up with, so I’m going to do a series of posts with YouTube performances of “the music that made me.”

And amazingly enough (you will find this hard to believe), Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue is not first on the list. But that’s only because I’m trying to go somewhat chronologically through my memories.

Happy listening!

First up:

Lili Marlene

My parents had this on a 45 (remember those?!) and I remember listening to it quite a lot when I was toddler+ age. I think the version they had was this one by Marlene Dietrich (but not totally sure about that).

Anyway, this is the first piece of music I remember listening to over & over again.

Come back tomorrow for #2!

** See Kirk? I told you I’d get to it!

Update: “Video unavailable” — what’s that about? Why do they give me an embed code if they won’t let me embed it? If you click through you’ll be able to hear the song.

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