Strangely desolate around here

My darling Mr Darcy (the DONKEY, not Colin Firth!) has gone to winter in the foothills of the Manzanos, playing companion to two horses and cantering through far larger pastures than we can give him here.

But what will I do for musical inspiration?!!!

This is a musical portrait of my donkey, who does not like taking walks on a lead rope. (He loves taking walks; but the lead rope part, not so much. Mr Darcy is a free donkey.) The music includes everything Darcy does — he runs, he kicks (playfully, of course), he brays, and then ...

he stops. When Darcy stops, I do too. Of course.

~ from the liner notes for The Donkey Drag, on Drivin’!

Here’s the charmer himself:


I want you to understand that I didn’t “get in his face” for that photo (something I was accused of last week!) Rather, I took this next photo, and Darcy came over to mug for the camera all on his own.

PA300003 copy

He may be plump, but he likes to roll:

PA300008 copy

And why is Mr Darcy so inspiring musically? Well, he talks a lot and has a dozen other interesting sounds. As you can guess, I like sounds. Also, his personality is so strong that I can sense his moods, and moods evoke music in me too. He has a sense of humor. He’s smart. He is very much his own person.

I keep thinking I might hear him braying in a moment. Other than visits to the Manzanos, that will only happen if I attain donkey superpowers or something.

It’s oddly quiet out there.

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