Recording Guardian

Yes, we’re recording, for the first time since 2011. Passages is finally coming into physical being. It took us a little while to remember how to set everything up—easy to forget details in 6+ years—but tracks are going down smoothly now. 

That may be due to this little fellow:




That’s my adorable cat Cosmo, who first arrived at Happy Camp a day & a half before I recorded Drivin’! in October 2011. Then he looked like this:

Cosmo gets close. copy

And was, in fact, just as crazed as you might imagine. Four months old and every inch a kitten.

I was a touch crazed to think I could bring a kitten into a household that already had an adult cat, and then record a CD 2 days later. But I wanted him SO MUCH!!

Cosmo intoduced himself to our older cat the day after his arrival here. And the very next day, when I started recording, Cosmo saw that Scout curled up in a corner and slept through the piano playing. So … Cosmo curled up in a corner and slept through the piano playing.

Anything to be just like one’s new big brother!

The first 3 pictures show you how Cosmo is continuing the tradition. My music room is so lively, sound-wise, that we have to mute it for recording, thus all the cloth items spread about. Cosmo has been moving from one to another, to make sure they all behave, I suppose. Or, to make sure all soft items are equally napped upon. 

Is there ever a sound out of him while we are recording? Not yet; not ever in 2011, and not yet today.

Cosmo is truly the guardian of our recording sessions.

[And our not-quite-a-kitten-anymore Milo has chosen to nap away the day in another room. Because napping is what kitties in the know do while the human lady is playing piano.]

I love recording at home—did I mention that?

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