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Merry Christmas!

Another rough cut from our Mountainair Community Chorus performance earlier this month. This is a live performance and it was the first piece on the program: the piano player could possibly have waited a moment more before beginning the carol, but her experience is that this crowd settles down when the music begins.

The Wexford Carol
Irish traditional, arranged for cello & piano by Kathleen Ryan
Jerry Melaragno, Cello  •  Kathleen Ryan, Piano
© 2016 Indigo Mesa Music
11 December 2016, Mountain Arts on Broadway, Mountainair, New Mexico

I wish you the most beautiful Christmas and a New Year of joy!


A Puzzle

I maybe did or maybe did not break my right wrist in a fall on ice Tuesday evening. We will find out for sure tomorrow.

Haven’t we had enough of this yet?

But now, a puzzle: why, now that my RH is off duty, do I feel a need to deep clean every part of this house?!

(I am so lucky Alice Shapiro was willing to teach me piano, lo those many years ago; and escapades like this just highlight that for me. I know that’s cryptic; the “rest of the story” when I can actually type.)

Advent Rough Cut #2

This one is rather different from my usual Rough Cuts, in that, while I am playing piano in it, that is not its focus. This is music I created for our Mountainair Community Chorus for this year’s Cantata performance. It had its “world premiere” this past Sunday (they put that in the program, they did!). It’s called Alleluia Gloria. I wrote the words & music as a Christmas carol some time ago, and arranged it this year for the chorus, with piano, cello, and flute accompanying.

R-T-G helped me set up the PZM & Marantz, and this is the live recording from the performance world premiere. I hope you enjoy it.

Alleluia Gloria, composed by Kathleen Ryan.
Performed by the Mountainair Community Chorus, Sunday, 11 December 2016,
at Mountain Arts on Broadway, Mountainair, New Mexico.
Director Virginia Hinds; Artistic Director Patty Mahoney.

PS: The score for the Alleluia Gloria will be available in my music store momentarily, so you can perform it next year if you choose! (Or this year, if you have excellent sight readers.) It will be stand-alone, and also in the Christmas 2016 Folio ebook.

PPS: Thanks for listening, and Merry Mid-Advent!

Advent Rough Cut #1

Well, it’s time for some fun, and a few gifts too, don’t you think? So for Advent this year I’m going to be putting up some Rough Cuts. A few people have heard me play this first arrangement, and even fewer still have heard me and R•T•G play it together. (The music I’ll put up next week I am confident you have never heard before; it will be premiered this Sunday.)

Here is this week’s offering, with an audio intro & concluding blather by the piano player; I separated them in case you only want to listen to music. Enjoy!

In which I say hello.

hold onto your hat!

What Child is This?
English traditional, arranged & performed by Kathleen Ryan
Bulerias style
© 2016 Indigo Mesa Muaic

In which I bid you farewell.

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