Life According to Piano

Funny how it all works out

As I have written here before, I really really really believed that I was ready to record Under the Greenwood Tree in February. In fact, we tried to record the music in February. But somehow that sweet sound we found in the studio for The Rebirth of Light just would not manifest, and as we were working only with headphones it was quite difficult to get a playback that we were confident of. Each time we thought, “Yup, that’s some sweet piano sound,” while listening through the headphones, then burned the tracks onto the CD and played them back through the stereo, we ended up looking at each other and saying, “How did we miss hearing that?!!”

The only really good thing about it was that I had a hundred or so pre-printed blank CDs leftover from a previous project, that I can now only use for in-house work. At least I didn’t waste perfectly good blank CDs.

I ordered some excellent studio monitors, which I believed would be here at the end of March but which really arrived a week ago. Three months during which I have been alternately resigned and frustrated.

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