Life According to Piano

A milestone

Here I am, practicing Forgive (what else?!), and I’ve arrived at the section of the ten zillion running notes/arpeggios (which I’ve previously admitted is not really my thing, right?) and …

my mind wandered. And I kept playing the notes — correct ones, too, I might add; I was listening — while my mind was busy picturing how nice it will be to perform Forgive & maybe it’s time to video me practicing it & isn’t it cool that I can play Forgive & isn’t life grand & …

Even yesterday, to play all these notes I had to think only of the notes. It is a huge milestone that I can entertain other thoughts while playing Forgive.

Not that I want to, of course! No, no: now I have to teach myself to pay attention to what I’m doing & nothing else. Yesterday I would not have had to teach myself that; I’d have been doing it in desperation.

So this is a milestone, one that arrives with its own challenges. Progress!

[Next post: “100 ways to practice reining in wayward thoughts.” With one on each page, so you have to click through 99 times. Ha!]

Quite short studio insight

I’ve been writing an immense blog post about Forgive—learning it, playing it, living it. I’m not ready to send that post into the world just yet.

However, here’s a quite short studio insight:

I seem to be creating more complex music, because I am finding that I must notate this stuff so that I can practice the left hand alone to have any chance of playing it well.

[Alternatively, my memory ain’t what it used to be, now that I’m 1,000,000 old!]

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