Life According to Piano

Title Tracks, or not

As it turns out, all my CDs so far have title tracks. I did not intend one for my first CD, A Handfull of Quietness. I believed I had created all the music necessary for what I thought of as primarily a concert experience, and I was perfectly content to have that experience end with Simple Love, my medley of The Riddle Song and A Gift to Be Simple. Ten days before I was to go into the studio, I practiced all the music straight through, and at the end of it, for the first time, I felt a need to hear just one something more; a handfull of quietness, in fact. That music came to me very easily, more indication that it was needed. I performed it with the entire set a week later, and recorded it 3 more days after that.

The Rebirth of Light was one of the first pieces I had for that CD.

Under the Greenwood Tree was similarly nearly first, and I pretty much created everything else to go with it.

Drivin’! was totally first for that CD, and I absolutely created everything else to go with it!

Passages, though, has been like A Handfull of Quietness: to me that title belongs to the set, not to a piece.

Growly stuff

So, there I was, driving home from yoga this afternoon, listening to some growly piano music in my head, knowing that I'd made it up, & wondering how I was going to figure that out to notate it.

When I realized...

That's Crackle, one of the Verbs. I composed AND NOTATED it more than 10 years ago.

I'm awfully pleased that it is already written down! (Not that hard, actually, but when it was rambling around in my brain anonymously, so to speak, it seemed tricky to parse.)

To hear part of Crackle, including some growly stuff, played by the incomparable Keith Porter-Snell (for whom it was written), go here. And enjoy!

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