A milestone

Here I am, practicing Forgive (what else?!), and I’ve arrived at the section of the ten zillion running notes/arpeggios (which I’ve previously admitted is not really my thing, right?) and …

my mind wandered. And I kept playing the notes — correct ones, too, I might add; I was listening — while my mind was busy picturing how nice it will be to perform Forgive & maybe it’s time to video me practicing it & isn’t it cool that I can play Forgive & isn’t life grand & …

Even yesterday, to play all these notes I had to think only of the notes. It is a huge milestone that I can entertain other thoughts while playing Forgive.

Not that I want to, of course! No, no: now I have to teach myself to pay attention to what I’m doing & nothing else. Yesterday I would not have had to teach myself that; I’d have been doing it in desperation.

So this is a milestone, one that arrives with its own challenges. Progress!

[Next post: “100 ways to practice reining in wayward thoughts.” With one on each page, so you have to click through 99 times. Ha!]

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