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Kathleen Ryan

Pianist, Composer, Mystic, Poet

What I’m doing now


I’m living (with my R-T-G and 2 remarkable cats) in New Mexico, in the piñon-juniper forest south of the small art/ranching community of Mountainair.

I have recorded the music for my new CD Passages, after doing several salons in the autumn for my local fans, featuring the new music. We’re in the edit & design phase. We = me plus R-T-G. My cat Cosmo snoopervised all recording sessions, by napping on all the blankets & rugs in succession.

I’m just back from the amazing Whisperings weekend in Kirkland WA. Amazing = amazing people, beginning with founder David Nevue & continuing through the entire Whisperings roster; amazing music created by all the Whisperings artists; amazing atmosphere of love and support given by all to all.

At the Whisperings Concert,
22 January 2017, Costa Mesa, CA.

I spend my time on these things:

  • Passages: edits & packaging design.
  • Notating the music for Passages. It will be a first for me when I’m able to publish the book at the same time I release the CD. It will seem like a miracle to me, in fact! And it will happen in a month or so!
  • Practicing music for Meditations of My Heart, a new CD of spiritual songs that I will record later this year.
  • Learning Irish Gaelic, with the help of Bitesize Irish Gaelic and Duolingo

I still believe that creativity flows from my willingness to say yes. Just yes. Then act, & hear where it takes me.

I also believe that too many notes ruin a piece of music. I’m choosing the notes that count and throwing the rest of them away. (The rejected notes go to a kind of music waiting room, of course, where they hum in anticipation of being chosen for another piece.)

When my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. This update: March 7, 2018. (Yes, that was a long-overdue update!)



CREDIT: Page idea by Derek Sivers, h/t Steven Cravis.

*That’s goodbye in Irish, in case you didn’t know.

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